media to create original form and content


photography, video, web, copy, FMD and SLA printing, sound capture and mastering for film and broadcast, technical and creative writing


featured work on this site is considered fine art, limited editions may be available for purchase. many of these works should be considered examples of methods and means available for hire by their perspective authors. please contact misterQuinn media inc. by clicking on the logo at the bottom of any page or return to main menu by clinking on the perspective icon on each page. comments and consideration to collaborate are always welcome.


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all work is based on key concepts of balance and language. universal principles of decoding and mutation congruent with research and development complete a given trajectory. beginning with a vision, concluding with product, following a philosophy where design finds function. you are invited to participate through conceptualization, installation, commentary, and imagery of your original works in order to further an individual or collective dialogue.



this site will survey advocacies in design, education, technology, marketing for the arts and humanities